Our Story

Years ago LORTONE began as a small company that hand-built durable rock tumblers to satisfy the demands of the growing lapidary field. Now in its second generation of family ownership, LORTONE has always built products with one goal in mind: To deliver quality machines and honest value. Well-crafted machines, and those who make them, are our livelihood.

Our equipment is made in the Northwest with dedicated, local workers who live in our communities. As LORTONE customers already know, the benefits to manufacturing goods in the United States are extensive. Greater quality control, manufacturing flexibility, and true cost savings are powerful factors in today’s marketplace. While others may ship their manufacturing jobs offshore to increase their profits, we have been continuously producing lapidary machines in America since 1978. LORTONE is proud to continue the tradition of providing employment to talented and dedicated craftspeople.

LORTONE is a leading manufacturer of tumblers, saws, polishing arbors, and a supplier of packaged abrasives. While production methods have improved, our commitment to designing rugged, easily maintained equipment has been constant. Our customers know that when they purchase from Lortone, they will get quality products, competitive prices and a commitment to the industry that is unmatched.

With the retirement of the current owners, the tradition of quality Lortone lapidary equipment will continue with the new owners. Please see the contact page for more details.